My Fitness Story: Waking Up

This is me on April 2015 that is about ten months ago, 200 pounds, difficulty in breathing, high-blood pressure and limited range of motion and activities. It does sound a bit of a diagnostic sheet straight out from a hospital record, but yeah, I was pretty much a hospital emergency room patient waiting to happen.

Being someone who loves travel I started complaining about struggling to breath whenever I try to sleep or even just slouch on an economy seat in a plane, cramped up on that tiny space with my big body. I also noticed that climbing mountains, walking long distance or maybe staying snorkeled underwater watching those fishes longer became more difficult.

Gaining that extra weight one pound at time didn’t seem to bother me, I have always been that never slim fat guy. I knew I was fat but it didn’t felt like it, you never get to mind or notice it. That was lethal.

One day I woke up after a long sleep feeling unrested with my body feeling sore. I was told that I was snoring like  jack hammer trying to break a road. I thought it was something serious already. I looked at the mirror and for once I saw my reality, not just that I am fat – I already knew that – but I was somebody who has become less mobile and a heart attack waiting to happen. I wanted change, I wasn’t happy anymore.

I tried going back to the gym only to find out that it was not for me I get bored easily. I need something that I could do maybe in groups that can motivate me not to give up just like others in the class do. But I was scared as hell to join classes. Things keep running up in my head like what if I get embarrassed or what if they beat me up and I end up in the hospital, damn I wish I am exaggerating. But as if the heavens cleared up to answer my prayer, a co-worker invited me to one of the Muay Thai Classes that she attends. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t hold my excitement like I didn’t have to think twice or think at all and just said yes!


A Tim Ho Wan Dinner

You only get to have good friends like a blue moon and it is nice to share a table for dinner with them.

Right after visiting the Divine Mercy shrine with Diane we went straight to SM North for dinner while Marlon joined us a bit later, meeting us at the resto.


The group’s favorite Pork buns. We suffered separation anxiety from this baby when we had to leave the restaurant.



Dinner was great! Definitely gonna be back for more of Tim Ho Wan in the future. Can’t wait to taste those pork buns again!

Tim Ho Wan
Upper Ground Floor, SM North EDSA, Quezon City


Personal Post


A few things have happened to my life and this has caused a lot of changes. I am shooting less now specially with events such as weddings and shooting more of street and of course my travels. Priorities have changed.

So here I am with this new look for my blog which will not only feature my photography anymore but also anything that I feel would be relevant to these times.

I will still be maintaining my personal blog where I place my thoughts and random ramblings of my pen.

I will try to maintain a cleaner look for my blog focusing more on the content, uhmm… okay I just like it looking clean.. haha

Anyways it still is a work in progress so visit us real soon =)

Photo Journalism

For A Dear Friend

I never covered Funerals and I will never cover, except for people who are close to my heart.

It was a challenge, I know these people. That no matter what angle is, I can’t find any satisfaction as I feel sadness in all photos.

Pardon my being emotional, but this really strikes a cord in my heart.


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Portrait Photography

Gerphil Geraldine: Asia’s Power Voice


I couldn’t forget the day that I first met this girl. I saw her standing on a circular stage with a 360 view of the entire floor in a high end Casino in Manila. She commands the stage, the audience and the show.


I was tasked to cover for the interview.


As we sat down and they started to talk the commanding voice suddenly turned into a sweet darling. She is.


I had the chance to photograph Gerphil Geraldine (Fame as we fondly call her) several times and she was just adorable. love how she works with every one and oh! I should not forget her lovely mom! Love you tita! 🙂


Today she competes for Asia’s Got Talent title, lets not forget to vote for her so we could see more of her through the finals!



Travel Photography

The Rain’s Coming

I was out biking to explore and discover more of Bantayan Island. I biked all the way till the road vanished into a rough trail leading to a beach. I asked a fisherman trying to fix his nets what the name of the beach is, he replied that it is unnamed. Alas I have found a gem!


As I stand from the beach of soft sand I can see the rain pouring heavily from the heavens on a nearby island. Amazed by the view, wI was, but thankfuly I snapped back into reality and realized that that rain was actually coming my way.


I biked as fast as I can back to the town proper, but the rain caught me. For the next hour I was held a prisoner of a shed.

 Bantayan Island
November 20, 2014


Travel Photography

Tea Cups


A lady steadily stands as she fiddles her phone in front of the Tea Cups ride while I try to capture the dizzying ride at Hong Kong Disneyland.


Travel Photography

Victoria Peak

One of the main reasons why I wanted to get to Hong Kong (Xiang Gang) is because of this view. It was a challenge taking this photo without a tripod and just used the railing at the Sky Terrace. I spent a few minutes only at the peak as my dad who was with me on this trip was tired already because of all of the lining up that we did. Nevertheless, it was all worth it.


The Peak
Mid-Level Hong Kong