My Fitness Story: Taking Action

Sometimes the hard part in losing weight is to start doing something about it, but for real, the hardest part is actually staying consistent and committed to what you are doing. As I got invited by a friend to join a Kickboxing Class, I decide to buy my own hand wraps and boxing gloves. It was quite an investment for me, yep treated it as an investment but also as a motivator. I mean with that amount of money put out I would sure want to make sure that I attend every single class that I can. Commitment.

Started out April 2015, I find my first class easy breaking a few sweat every now and then I was actually jealous that they’ed be sweating all over and I looked exactly how I started. Thankfully my new team mates were really supportive explaining to me that it was really like that, that you’d sweat better as you train longer, harder and better as your muscles gets warmer and stretched further.

Training was a lot of fun and it helped a me a lot in forgetting the pressure of losing weight. It took about two months before I saw changes happening, that was two months of training three times a week! It was really hard but fun at the same time making it tolerable.



My commitment and determination was put into the test, after a few months of training I lost just about 1-2 pounds each month on an average. I felt a bit discourage I was not at the pace that I was expecting I’d be losing weight. I started thinking if the pain and hardship was all worth the trouble I am going through. I don’t know how but it seemed like I got some sort of second wind under my wings. I started thinking about where I was when I began training. I was 200 lbs and had difficulty in breathing, and even in tying my shoe laces was a task! It was an eye opener for me, a reality check, that this journey will be a long one that I had to be patient and stay committed to.

At this point I haven’t changed my diet, I was into just keeping my self active to burn those fats. Imagine how awesome it could have been if I complemented it with a proper diet.


My Fitness Story: Waking Up

This is me on April 2015 that is about ten months ago, 200 pounds, difficulty in breathing, high-blood pressure and limited range of motion and activities. It does sound a bit of a diagnostic sheet straight out from a hospital record, but yeah, I was pretty much a hospital emergency room patient waiting to happen.

Being someone who loves travel I started complaining about struggling to breath whenever I try to sleep or even just slouch on an economy seat in a plane, cramped up on that tiny space with my big body. I also noticed that climbing mountains, walking long distance or maybe staying snorkeled underwater watching those fishes longer became more difficult.

Gaining that extra weight one pound at time didn’t seem to bother me, I have always been that never slim fat guy. I knew I was fat but it didn’t felt like it, you never get to mind or notice it. That was lethal.

One day I woke up after a long sleep feeling unrested with my body feeling sore. I was told that I was snoring like ┬ájack hammer trying to break a road. I thought it was something serious already. I looked at the mirror and for once I saw my reality, not just that I am fat – I already knew that – but I was somebody who has become less mobile and a heart attack waiting to happen. I wanted change, I wasn’t happy anymore.

I tried going back to the gym only to find out that it was not for me I get bored easily. I need something that I could do maybe in groups that can motivate me not to give up just like others in the class do. But I was scared as hell to join classes. Things keep running up in my head like what if I get embarrassed or what if they beat me up and I end up in the hospital, damn I wish I am exaggerating. But as if the heavens cleared up to answer my prayer, a co-worker invited me to one of the Muay Thai Classes that she attends. I was ecstatic, I couldn’t hold my excitement like I didn’t have to think twice or think at all and just said yes!