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Confession and Contemplations

Hello, I know it has been a month since I posted something here unlike how I promised to post at least once a week. It has been a tough one for me over the past few weeks, I’ve got a confession to make.


These past few months, I’ve actually been travelling pretty consistently or so I think. I’ve been going up in the mountains and the sea and waterfalls. I actually have enough things done to make a new post once a week or even more, but I am in a crisis.

I have a bunch of stuff in my drafts and I just never have the time…. fine… and the will to have them done. It feels like I never have enough time to write down something and finish it. It seems that thoughts are just up in my head and doesn’t want to translate and go down on a keyboard. Ugh… this is just torturing me…. the urge to make my blogs better but somehow something is pulling me down.

I usually hangout in a coffee shop to finish things but over the past few “hangouts” that I’ve been I was just unproductive. Hey, am I blaming my self too much? I mean my laptop really isn’t working well and…. Okay I know they are excuses… I just wish that I could get my mojo back real quick, it’s almost half of the year and my posts are almost no where to be found.



Like I said I have been struggling with my blogs. I’ve been thinking of merging some of my blogs because it feels that I haven’t been paying enough attention to them… wait… I think all of them haven’t been getting enough attention… Oh well. I’m thinking of discontinuing my food blog since I have not been going on food trips since I started trying to lose weight though I have the option to turn it into something else. For my backpacker guide, I just don’t know what to do with it I feel that it does serve something else. As for brownmantrips, it is out of the question it will stay the same it is my altar for travel my trove of memories. Oh God I hope that I could come up with a decision within the week and yeah… I am thinking of going back in doing VLogs. There’s so much that I want to do and I just don’t have the time and money to make it happen. I hope that I could find what I really want to do most and do it best the soonest before everything comes crashing down. like this segment of this blog just one run on paragraph with no breaks what so ever. Ugh… gonna stop now.


Wish me luck

Personal Post

How To Get Through A Broken Heart

It’s been a while since I had my last real relationship, got scared maybe but I was brave enough to attempt to build a new one. Though they have been all failures, even the ones that I have taken big risks have turned into heartaches. But how does one cope up with all these travesties of love?

Pero paano nga ba magmove on ang broken hearted?

Here are some of the things that I have thought of doing to mend a bleeding heart.

1. Take up a new hobby.

Change is good. Your usual routine may remind you of ex establishing new routines may let you create new memories, possibly better ones.

2. Travel

See new places and meet new people. Understanding the world and experiencing humanity’s kindness may relieve you from the pain and that you experience from one rotten egg.

3. Talk to people

At some point of your grieving will need to process all these emotions and thoughts that you have. Doing it alone may be futile for some, sometimes even dangerous. A friend who will listen without any judgement,having someone listen will help you process all these thoughts.

4. Change things up around your home.

It may be as simple as changing how your furniture is arrange to as extreme as changing your furniture. The point is starting to have plans of your life ahead and building new ones. Changing some of these things may not be as big as it may seem but it will give you a sense of jump-start if you will.

5. Find A New Love

A friend told me once that the best solution for displacement is replacement. Some people will find this drastic but some people find jumping into a relationship after one helps them forget about the past. I my self find this a bit extreme but who knows if your heart is willing.

Do keep in mind that these are just ideas that I have thought of after going through a rough breakup. They may help others but just like me not all of them worked the magic.

Personal Post


A few things have happened to my life and this has caused a lot of changes. I am shooting less now specially with events such as weddings and shooting more of street and of course my travels. Priorities have changed.

So here I am with this new look for my blog which will not only feature my photography anymore but also anything that I feel would be relevant to these times.

I will still be maintaining my personal blog where I place my thoughts and random ramblings of my pen.

I will try to maintain a cleaner look for my blog focusing more on the content, uhmm… okay I just like it looking clean.. haha

Anyways it still is a work in progress so visit us real soon =)