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Sagada: Cave Connection

Probably one of my most romanticized destination, Sagada lies in the the beautiful mountain ranges of the cordilleras in Mountain Province. It was one hell of an adventure exploring Sagada with friends who happen to be first time travelers!





Travel Photography

The Rain’s Coming

I was out biking to explore and discover more of Bantayan Island. I biked all the way till the road vanished into a rough trail leading to a beach. I asked a fisherman trying to fix his nets what the name of the beach is, he replied that it is unnamed. Alas I have found a gem!


As I stand from the beach of soft sand I can see the rain pouring heavily from the heavens on a nearby island. Amazed by the view, wI was, but thankfuly I snapped back into reality and realized that that rain was actually coming my way.


I biked as fast as I can back to the town proper, but the rain caught me. For the next hour I was held a prisoner of a shed.

 Bantayan Island
November 20, 2014


Travel Photography

Tea Cups


A lady steadily stands as she fiddles her phone in front of the Tea Cups ride while I try to capture the dizzying ride at Hong Kong Disneyland.


Travel Photography

Victoria Peak

One of the main reasons why I wanted to get to Hong Kong (Xiang Gang) is because of this view. It was a challenge taking this photo without a tripod and just used the railing at the Sky Terrace. I spent a few minutes only at the peak as my dad who was with me on this trip was tired already because of all of the lining up that we did. Nevertheless, it was all worth it.


The Peak
Mid-Level Hong Kong